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Apologies for not replying to the comments on the previous journal but I have this terrible habit of uploading something here and then not checking it for like, ever. 

I'm here again to tell y'all that I'm still alive and still arting (somewhat), just not on here. 

I am still on Chicken Smoothie, if you want to contact me on there my username is Illuminatus.
You can also follow my tumblr, caffeinated-cats. I don't post art there but I do reblog a lot of random crap.
You can also find me at twitter (mindsplitting) and instagram (catsandcaffeine). 

I actually intend on making a new dA account very soon and becoming more active again. I never told anyone about this on this account, but I actually made a new account last year, Doctor-Leto. It kind of got.. boring after a while and never really felt right, so I never made the official move over there. I am really, really hoping that once I make a new account, I can stick to it this time.

At the moment my accounts are a mess because I kept switching back and forth between this account and my newer one.

Alsooo, just because I can, I went ahead and unstored everything on my original/oldest account. Dawn-of-Kiara. Haha, it really brings back memories. But it also makes me really sad, in a way, because I've lost contact with so many of the people I used to talk to. DA doesn't feel the same anymore to me, in fact, it feels really cold and lonely. Maybe once I've made a new account, I can start making a new group of friends/watchers, and it won't feel so sad on here anymore.

I don't know, it's just like this weird combination of nostalgia and regret that I get whenever I revisit my older accounts.

So, be looking out for my new account, because I will be posting the link up here when I've made it. I am hopefully buying myself a new laptop tomorrow which might motivate me to start drawing more again.
Until then, I must get back to my top secret work (maths homework). Good evening, friends. :heart:

P.S. I just recently got 100% on my year 12 maths exam. Go me?! :'D

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Thanks so much for the watch <3
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Heyy! Thank so so much for the watch C': <33
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Thank you so much for the watch! I appreciate it greatly. ;u; <3
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Oh my.... ♥

it been a while since we talk ksdfjkdjflsd ;n;
aeolisticNelipot Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, this is Rose or Red or whatever.
I had to get a new account.
I was being stalked.
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Thanks for the watch :D
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Ahh thankyou so much for the watch! I absolutely adore your art :heart:
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